Servers “Leave with us” (2014 -Undergroove Records-)

Servers “Leave with us” (2014 -Undergroove Records-)
Based South Yorkshire’s Servers play a kind of spiritually dark, apocalyptic rock-metal with dense guitars and strong vocals that will engage you for the whole record. “Leave with us” is about the fascination for the world of cults, cult leaders and the control and influence of this stuff on people: I would say, this could be a concept album at all, anyway something that you should care about listening to this music. I’ve appreciated the doom/sludge inspiration (in my point of view) that fill each track in a epic way. The record contains also subcultures metal-rock-alternative genres that keep this music very original: the intellectual content bring a lot of importance to “Leave with us”. Pick this stuff up, extra-compliments!
Vote: 9/10

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