Set Your Goals Interview

Set Your Goals play awesome Californian hardcore-punk with melodic guitars and fast riffs,
a blistering/devastating drummin’ with the influence of New Found Glory, occasionally shaded
with “East Coast style” of Up Front and Gorilla Buiscuits.

1) Hi guys, you’re welcome in Fire Alive Extreme webzine!!!
Let’s start with a short introduction of Set Your Goals.

we are 6 dudes from the san francisco bay area who like to have fun,simply put.

2) “Reset” is your debut album, in Europe via Alveran Records and in USA via Eulogy Recordings. What for an awesome starting, aren’t you? Can you tell us anything in general about “reset”?
reset is just the re-release of our demo, with some enhanced video footage, new artwork, and an extra track on it. We’re very excited to have such a response to our demo in such a short period of time.

3) “Reset” isa blend of old school (in the style of Gorilla Biscuits) and modern stuff near the style
of New Found Glory. What are your favourite bands?

personally, I listen to all kinds of music. Some of my favorites are the police and the cure, at the gates, and as far as hardcore bands, gorilla biscuits is my favorite.

4) What can you tell guys about melodic-hardcore? Why didn’t you decide to play metalcore,
music which is much trend at the moment?

the whole reason we started this band was because we were tired of metalcore being the only thing anybody was playing. We wanted to do something that nobody in our area was doing at the time, so we did.
Even though it isn’t the most original style of music, we were the only ones doing it at the time.

5) How much (in your point of view) tpunk-hardcore scene did influence the most modern harcore?
I’m talking just about new-school hardcore….
well in terms of the sound, i wouldn’t site it as a direct influence, though I don’t believe that hardcore would exist in any of the forms it has taken today if it weren’t for punk rock.

6) Who write the lyrics?
jordan and I both write all of the lyrics.

7) Is there anything you wanna change of “Reset”?
if we could, we would re-record the songs with all of the changes we
want so that they’d be more like the way that we play them live.

8) With what band would you like to play? With what bands you played?
Let’s talk about a funny experience guys!!

my dream come true is actually happening, we’re playing with gorilla biscuits this august! I would also like to play with the cure but I know that will never happen. Once we played in a basement in long island, NY and our fill-in guitarist didn’t know a song so we finished our set and then we played another set karaoke style with
jordan on guitar and we had the crowd sing all of the songs.

9) What’s about the future of Set Your Goals?
who’s to say? This band is already a full-time job but right now we’re paying to do it. It would be nice to be able to pay my bills and rent from the road from the money I make on tour.

10) Would you like to play in Italy? Have you ever heard anything about Italy? If so, yo must tell me.
I cannot wait to play rome on this tour!! We’re all very excited for the show. Right now as I write this from my sidekick, we are pulling up to the airport in los angeles to leave on our 2 week euro tour with the steal.
About politic: is there anyone you guys definetly hate?
I think it’s safe to say that no one in this band supports that idiot George W. Bush.

11) Thanks a lot guys, any last word?
listen to metal, don’t smoke, and read our lyrics.

Set Your Goals