Sharptongue “Bad blood – sleeping soul” (2014 – Acuity Music)

Sharptongue “Bad blood – sleeping soul” (2014 – Acuity Music)
German based metal hardcore band Sharptongue is basically straigth to the point: “Bad blood – sleeping soul” is the typical rough, metalcore record ready to kick hard from start to finish. Well, I must say that this is the “typical approach” of many German bands, but I must say also that Sharptongue have their own way to play this kind of music. That’s definetly true: this record has two “different faces”. The first part is very consistent with superb growling, strong guitars, heavy breakdowns, sounding pure solid metalcore and raw aggression. The second part sounds just more evil, black, introspective, desperate with a negative atmosphere. Good stuff at all, with an individual style and modern. This album will pump you up, be prepared, from start to finish.
Vote: 8,5/10

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