Sharptongue interview

Interview with Sharptongue: furious and aggressive metal hardcore from Germany
with a rebellious spirit.

1. Hi guys introduce your band to our readers, please.
Hi, we are ‘Sharptongue’, a hardcore-band from southern Germany founded in 2013.

2. I think Sharp Tongue is an original name, maybe with a double meaning: could you tell us more why did you choose this name?
What About the Snake in the Garden of Eden?
Anything to do with this?

Thank you, glad you like it! Finding a cool band name is a very hard thing to do. But no, it has nothing to do with the bible. We got the idea from a quotation by Buddha:”The tongue like a sharp knife, kills without drawing blood”. It’s also a reference to our straight forward lyrics.

3. Your music sounds rebellious and very aggressive: I’m talking about your new record
“Bad blood/sleeping soul”.
 A very straightforward headline, don’t you think so?

The album title represents the two sides of the record. While the first half, ‘Bad Blood’, has a more positive, rebellious and aggressive spirit, the second half, ‘Sleeping Soul’, has a negative atmosphere reaching from melancholic to desperate.

4. Rough and fast metallic hardcore songs with the flavour of negative stuff; am I wrong?
I mean, that’s not a criticism, I like it very much!

Thanks again! Yeah, like I said before, we try to achieve a certain kind of atmosphere through our music on our album. But then again we always try to differentiate our songs so one doesn’t get bored by hearing the same thing all over again. I think the duality of the record also shows the two sides of song-writing-style.


5. What are your lyrics about?
The lyrics are to be seen as different feelings and points of view of a person. So the album deals with an inner conflict which is partly fictional, partly personal.

6. Are you satisfied about kids going to your live shows?
 Can you live, a little bit, with the music that you play?
In Italy it’s impossibile because the metalcore scene is a real niche. I think in Germany things are pretty much different because there’s a different “hardcore culture”.
We playing a lot of shows at the moment, which is amazing. It’s always nice to see that people appreciate the music we make and spend their hard earned money to come to our shows. The hardcore-community is definitely growing here in Germany, but we certainly cannot make a living from music. All the money we make flows back to the band immediately. Making a record is a very expensive thing to do. But we don’t really care about the financial aspects that much. We make music to have fun, to share it with people who enjoy what we do and to see the world.

7. What are your plans to promote in the best way “Bad blood/sleeping soul”?
Any chance to check you out in Italy?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans coming to Italy. But if we ever get the chance, we will definitely take it. We try to play as many shows a possible to get the chance to show our music and our album around.

8. Thank you so much, any last word? Good luck and take care!
Thank you very much for your interest in our band, it’s a cool thing you do, running your own magazine and supporting small bands! Take care!

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