Sharptongue “Thirteen” (2013 –Acuity Music-)

Sharptongue “Thirteen” (2013 –Acuity Music-)
Here we go, again, wih a new good promising band hailing from Germany: Sharptongue. What the hell is happening in Germany? Only good bands from this country! Yes, once again with a metalcore fury, no compromises, anger in face and furious attitude, taking inspiration from bands like Comeback Kid, Terror, Throwdown, Darkest Hour and Heart In Hand. Unfortunately “Thirteen” (2013 –Acuity Music-) is a small ep of 2 songs, I definetly needed to listen out much more songs! Rough hardcore addded by metal brutality ready to kick you down to the ground; the formula is about aggressive thrash riffs meshed with hardcore and powerful breakdowns. No more words to add, this record kick ass, definetly!
Buy or die, compliments to this pearl Sharptongue!
Vote: 10/10

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