Shear “Katharsis” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)

Shear “Katharsis” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)
Hailing from Finland (with awesome female vocals) Shear play a kind of solid, heavy, symphony metal music with virtuous guitars and Scandinavian imprint. Talent and high technical skills are the most important features of “Katharsis” together with intense guitars, power and gothic metal stuff. There’s a various mood due the vast amount of influences; this is the perfect masterpiece for everybody is in power, gothic and progressive metal, with the love for female vocals. Of course, there’s melody at all, all time long, with symphonic rock and vocal dance; this is a multy layered work and the mix of genres is the real shining talent about “Katharsis”. A diamond of metal scene.
Vote: 8,5/10

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