Silverstein “This is how the wind shifts” (2013 -Hopeless Records-)

Silverstein “This is how the wind shifts” (2013 -Hopeless Records-)
What’s this? “This is how the wind shifts” (February 2013, Rude Records) is the new explosive masterpiece from Silverstein. This is an impressive records, with superb screaming vocals, great breakdowns rocking’ guitar, hard blasts and well, in such parts it was like truly listen to an Every Time I Die/Cancer Bats Record. This is just an advice for all the kids involved in that sounds: fast tempos, intensive chords, superb vocals, but the record has its moments with slower parts of light music. I find this style very familiar, I’ve been very impressed because the whole work is ambitious and well balanced in hard and soft sounds. Silverstein are one of the first post hardcore band, they know all, at all, for all. Pick this record out, compliments!
Vote: 9/10

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