Stick To Your Guns “Diamond” (2012 -Sumerian Records-)

Stick To Your Guns “Diamond” (2012 -Sumerian Records-)
“Diamond” (March 2012, Sumerian Records) is seriously a great metalcore record of this times: Stick To Your Guns impressed once again from the early seconds of the first track already heavy as hell. Having their own roots in pure hardcore, STYG make new stuff pumping a lot of mosh parts, making sound everything superb, powerful and very modern. The solid rhythmic base is always a success, guitars and amazing vocals fits perfect on it; this is exactly what you listen on “Diamond”, very catchy, clean and rough, hard and powerful. Energic metalcore, this album means a lot about how modern metalcore should sound; in fact in my point of view this is one of the best record of this genre in 2012 until now. If you’re a fan of hardcore new school or just need emotional stuff you’re very welcome, because “Diamond” is all about that, soft and hard, well balanced. Ten years on the scene and great experience spread up this masterpiece of album: decise hardcore, aggressive vocals, metallic guitars and mosh at all. Wanna more? Go and buy this record! Excellent release!
Vote: 10/10

Stick To Your Guns
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