Storm & Stress “A Survey in 11 Dives” (2013 -Acuity Music-)

Storm & Stress “A Survey in 11 Dives” (2013 -Acuity Music-)
A bunch of aggressive hardcore with punk roots, rock blast and poweful screaming vocals. Honest, straight to the point, creative, in face with a persistent style: this are Storm & Stress hailing from Germany. Yes, here we go again with a new and good promising hc band with a personal inprint remembering of Blacklisted and Comeback Kid. In some parts the record sounds old school combined with dark/experimental stuff broken suddenly by such a violent, rough fury that will kick your ass out. “A Survey in 11 Dives” is a headway of underground hardcore scene, give a listen and support this band!
Vote: 9/10

Storm & Stress
Acuity Music

STORM & STRESS A Survey in 11 Dives