Storyteller “Frontier spirit” (2013 -Acuity Music-)

Storyteller “Frontier spirit” (2013 -Acuity Music-)
Thinking about pop punk from Europe you can’t forget Storyteller from Germany: I’m not a fan of this kind of music, anyway I’ve been impressed from this dudes. Excellent melodic vocals, great guitar works and professional approach into everything that’s called melody. This band is quite young, they’ve formed in 2012, but I’ve to admit that Storyteller know very good their own way: endless love for pop-punk, endless love to play this music. Maybe this times are a golden age for this genre, but trust me there’s a lot of talent on Storyteller and you shouldn’t mix them up with the crowd, because they’re a must in words like personality, sincerity and authenticity. Keep up the good (melodic at all) work! Walter
Vote: 7,5/10

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