Taking Back Sunday “Happiness is” (2014 -Hopeless Records-)

Taking Back Sunday “Happiness is” (2014 -Hopeless Records-)
“Happiness is” is definetly one of the best work from Taking Back Sunday: a classic stuff of alternative post rock-hardcore with all that awesome elements typical of TBS. Excellent clean vocals and memorable melodic sung parts spread up solid and fluid songs with mature songwriting. It couldn’t be different: this dudes are on the scene since 1999, they’re “veteran and fresh stuff” at the same time, they’ve reached always much more popularity writing mainstream albums. TBS belong to a new wave of modern, alternative rock shaded with the one so called “emo core”; what’s cool? They’ve always new ideas about writing music and that’s why they earn more and more fans. There’s always something good on their releases, a mature blend of various influences, a new effort, a new challenge with the crowd; no story, TBS win, all the time. “Happiness is” speaks itself, make it yours, now!
Vote: 10/10

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