Tear Out The Heart “Dead, everywhere” (2015 – Victory Records)

Tear Out The Heart “Dead, everywhere” (2015 – Victory Records)
Dynamic and modern metalcore at the top of our time sounding heavy, aggressive and straight to the point. This is what you get from “Dead, everywhere”: a cool mix of powerful metal hardcore stuff filled with evil spirit, hate and dark attitude. Something extremely loud, contemporary, with rough vocals and excellent screaming, razor guitars, strong drums and granitic breakdowns in slow tempos. But this release isn’t only about heaviness: there’re also good experimental parts with electronic samples, amazing melodic refrains showing the music evolution of Tear Out Heart and how much various is this work. No limits, great musicianship, high skills and a distinctive style for a good kicking ass record. Well done, pick this up, definetly!
Vote: 10/10

Tear Out The Heart
Victory Records