The Bunny The Bear “Food chain” (2014 -Victory Records-)

The Bunny The Bear “Food chain” (2014 -Victory Records-)
This is unheard electronic post hardcore/electronic core with synth stuff and sometimes poppy elements. Anyway, I’l l not consider “Food chain” as something mainstream: it’s hard to say what kind of music this is exactly; is a well done mix of modern metal/hc stuff. Can you imagine Cradle Of Filth vocals on electronic samplers? This band has definetly broken the rules of pop hardcore metal music; they sound chaotic and then dark, screamo and suddenly everything changes with pop metal elements. This is such a strange and crazy mix, this is what I mean with “breaking the rules”: a well developed style that tell the future. It’s a kind of new “hybrid”, this is good stuff for the niche.
Vote: 9,5/10

The Bunny The Bear
Victory Records