The Chant “New haven” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)

The Chant “New haven” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)
Melancholy, solitude, introspective and dense: this is the alternative rock sound of Finnish based band The Chant. Catchy instrumental parts keep up modern prog-rock songs, something beautiful to listen out: warm and deep vocals are harmonious with the music bringing an feeling of infinity.
Would you call it a “niche style”? Maybe. Anyway this music kick ass from start to the end. Reflective, with a genuine atmosphere and lysergic guitars, “New haven” is a record over any guideline, any rule and any code. Yes, you must love it or leave it: in bot cases you’ll be hypnotized by this powerful music, I guarantee.
Emotional and dark this is a very interesting and impressive work at all; this isn’t “ordinary rock”, you’re warned. Well done, compliments.
Vote: 10/10

The Chant
Lifeforce Records