The Dear Hunter “Migrant reprise” (2014 -Rude Records-)

The Dear Hunter “Migrant reprise” (2014 -Rude Records-)
The Dear Hunter (featured by Casey Crescenzo from The Receiving End of Sirens) is a quite intense, romantic and poetic indie rock project with the flavour of acoustic lines. Well, I’ve been stocked from Casey Crescenzo life’s story, he’s truely a talentuos musician and artist of course, I wish that with The Dear Hunter he has found his own way, definetly. His full-time band is based on his own abilities, against the tide, upstream and experience without limitation. Everything comes out straight from the heart, writing music with a conceptual way; “Migrant reprise” is light, it was composed 99% on piano, I think this bring to the whole work a very intimate touch. Well, ending, it seems that Casey Crescenzo really born in to the music with artistic flair: bring to The Dear Hunter what they really deserve, buy this record, buy prestige and substance.
Vote: 10/10

The Dear Hunter
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