The Ghost Inside: ‘everyone’s condition improving’

The Ghost Inside bass player Jim Riley has issued a new update in which he says that they’ve seen “everyone’s condition improve.” Several members of the band have been hospitalized since the group’s tour bus was involved in a deadly head-on collision on Thursday. Here’s the latest from Riley:

“The last 48 hours have seen everyone’s condition improve. We are surrounded by lots of loved ones and the vibe today is very positive. Asking again that you keep sending good juju our way and keep the families of the two drivers that lost their lives in your thoughts. It will be a few more days before we share any individual details. If you’ve seen any of the pictures that are floating around you know the serious nature of the situation and hope you understand the need for a little privacy and discretion. The doctors here are phenomenal and we are in the most capable of hands. Thank you thank you thank you for the love and support. Life is swinging hard. We are swinging harder.”

The Ghost Inside