The Human Abstract “Digital Veil” (2011 -Steamhammer Records-) 

The Human Abstract “Digital Veil” (2011 -Steamhammer Records-) 

The music of The Human Abstract is a masterpiece at all: progressive, melodic, mosh, breakdowns…everything at all about the school of the new wave of American Heavy Metal.
Well I would define this band as Classic Metal, because from the first listening I’ve compared them with Classical Music: when you will get in touch with “Digital Veil” (2011, Steamhammer Records) you’ll understand why. Technical elements are at high levels from first to last song and the great singing fits perfect into the music: I admit that I didn’t expect such an original release like this one. I’ve never heard of them and I’m now a fan of The Human Abstreact. Awesome quality also for the production: this is a epic release that takes stuff from metalcore and deathcore, making sound everyting very precise and superbe. There’re tons of odd-progressive parts, anyway everything’s always in the middle between hard-extreme and melodic parts. A lot of genres have in spire THA and this is what it came out: an excellent, perfect, supreme album composer of metal. After Mozart comes The Human Abstract, amazing dudes in writing and playing heavy brutal metal music. Pick “Digital Veil” up, now! BUY OR DIE!
Vote: 10/10

The Human Abstract
Steamhammer Records