The Maine “Forever Halloween” (2013 -Rude Records-)

The Maine “Forever Halloween” (2013 -Rude Records-)
“Forever Halloween” out on Rude Records is the 4th album for The Maine:
rock pop/punk of easy listening a go-go, each song is a real hits, a classic release
with excellent execution. Strong bass line, poppy chords and melodic refrains spread up
the best music ever from The Maine; warm vibes for this evocative release with the flavour
of emo and post core stuff. This is not my kind of music but I can say that there’s a lot
of talent and quality on “Forever Halloween”, light music with a deep style and high harmonies.
The Maine have done a great job in every part of this release: a good mood, pick it up,
if you’re into rock music you need this!
Vote: 8/10

The Maine
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