The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Interview

Hitting the scene since the early 1980s The Mighty Mighty Bosstones hailing from Boston are the supreme American ska-core legend! This is most popular band for this kind of music, with an awesome history and background: the story so far… Check it out!
Here you go with the interview from TIM Burton!

1. Well, welcome in FIRE ALIVE webzine! It’s really a long time you guys have not been in Italy!
Do you remember If you ever played here, and do you have any reminder of it?
You are right, it has been a long time, but we have definitely played some great gigs in Italy. I have some amazing memories of shows there. I remember the entire audience singing me “Happy Birthday” at a show in Modena. I remember the tour bus leaving me behind in Bologna because our tour manager was drunk and didn’t notice I wasn’t there. I remember dancing with models in Milan. I remember getting lost in Venice and taking 2 hours to find the tour bus. I remember our bass player Joe getting stabbed by an Albanian t-shirt bootlegger outside a show in Rimini. Oh yes, I definitely remember Italy. I love it!

2. What does being a Bosstone mean these days for you?
I mean , did the band and his history had an impact on your life today?
Do you feel now you’re the same person you would have been without these years in the bosstones?

The Bosstones definitely shaped who I am. For starters, it is the biggest thing in my life since I was about 19 years old. For about 20 years it was all I did, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The guys in the band are closer to me than even family. We don’t play as many shows now as we did then and we live all over the place but we still do a lot together. We just released an album that we worked on all summer. In many ways the band made me a better person. For starters, I have been able to focus most of my life on being creative and playing music. This is something special that most people are not lucky enough to do. Also, I have traveled all over the world and met many, many people and seen many places. You learn from these experiences and it makes you strong.

3. What’s your favourite record ever and why?
I still say my favorite record ever is “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols,” because it changed my life. I know there are probably better records, even records I like more. But when I heard “God Save the Queen,” it totally changed who I was.

4. What and how was your very first concert as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones?
Give us a drop about that, please. What’s is still the same like it was at your beginning?

When we first started we were pretty awful. We were very young, teenagers. Because of this we tried to entertain the crowd by being crazy. We wore funny suits, poured beer on our heads and tore down ceilings. We still try to keep the same energy though hopefully we are a better band.

5. And your first sold out show? Do you remember it?
Yes, it was at a club in Boston called The Paradise. It held about 800 people. I remember at the beginning of the night Joe, our bass player who is the brains behind the band, asked the club owner how many people the club could hold. The club owner said not to worry about that, that we would never sell it out. We did. That experience really gave us a lot of confidence. We were really young and just starting to gel as a band. It made us think that we could rock the world.

6. Do you guys ever play cover when you’re in the rehersal room, beetween you guys?
If so, can you tell us what do you like playing?

We work very hard in rehearsal. That is really our strength. We bust our asses. Always have. We do have fun though. We will sometimes try covers. Sometimes they make it into the set, sometimes not.

7. What’s your The Mighty Mighty Bosstones favourite artwork?
I love the artwork for the new album “The Magic of Youth.” It’s really fun and also reflects the band and our individual personalities.

8. Thanks a lot for your time, looking forward to meet you personally guys! Any last word?
I hope we can make it back to Italy soon. Very great people. I love it!

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones