The Blackout Argument “Detention” (2011 -Redfield Records/Engineer Records-)

The Blackout Argument “Detention” (2011 -Redfield Records/Engineer Records-)
“Detention” (2011, Redfield/Engineer Records) is a masterpiece of modern alternative hardcore inked of melodic stuff, growls, screams, punk roots and granitic metallic guitars: they’re on this record more intense and naturally mature. I’m really really enthusiastic and proud of this album, I know them from the first release, I can say I’ve saw TBA growing more and more, the style is always the same on the wave of Evergreen Terrace, Comeback Kid, This is Hell and Boysetsfire, but don’t expect a clone of that. Because TBA have their own trademark as I wrote already for their reviews; this band is the future of alternative hardcore music combined with rude parts, rough vocals and that landscapes. I wouldn’t say that this is posthardcore, this is The Blackout Arugment hardcore and nobody did play it before; this guys have a great chance in their hands to get definetly famous with a grandious audience. A strong record, a strong band and cool members involved and dedicated to the scene 24 hours a day, really, TBA deserve the best support ever! In “Detention” you will listen metal, hardcore, rock ‘n roll, indie, punk, in only one piece-modern-original-formula, something really enjoyable. A new star is born, check The Blackout Argument out!
Vote: 10/10

The Blackout Argument
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