The Room Colored Charlatan “Primitives” (2014 -Subliminal Groove Records-)

The Room Colored Charlatan “Primitives” (2014 -Subliminal Groove Records-)
“Humankind is not as civilized or as modern as we like to think”: this is the statement of The Room Colored Charlatan, Indianapolis, IN prog/crust metal based band. “Primitives” express that concept at its best: the sound is filled with technical elements like constant breaks, death and progressive stuff as well. Introspective, dark, arcane, occult: on this record there’s everything about extreme metal, of course, progressive style is the leader.
Extra powerful guitars and long deep growling are impressive, the songs sound absolutely epic, sometimes with a hypnotic effect on the listener. Brutal and beauty, aggression, high potential, progressive deathcore: of you’re a fan of Between the Buried and Me, Tesseract and The Contortionist this is the next record that you must pick up now.
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The Room Colored Charlatan
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