The Wonder Years “The greatest generation” (2013 -Hopeless Records-)

The Wonder Years “The greatest generation” (2013 -Hopeless Records-)
“The greatest generation” (2013, Hopeless Records) is a full pop-punk masterpiece album from The Wonder Years hailing from Philadelphia, USA. You’ll realize at once the emotional imprint, anyway this is really good stuff to listen out: a strong drum and bass line, amazing melodic vocals and riffage of easy listening. There’s a loto f potential on this release, this is the third part of a trilogy, it sounds simply brilliant. Music for College? Light sound? Yep, but great! There’re also energetic parts with fast punk guitars, which I like most; well, this is for sure a radio friendly album, good a sit is, well played, recorded and produced. If you’re into this scene pick it up, or die! Compliments to The Wonder Years!
Vote: 8/10

The Wonder Years
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