Throwdown “Intolerance” (2014 -eOne-)

Throwdown “Intolerance” (2014 -eOne-)
Hardcore and Straight Edge themes, this is about “Intolerance”, a very tough metalcore record, strong and straight to the point. Well, this is 100% pure Throwdown style, nothing less, nothing more: this is just an innovative work, it sounds still brand new and sludgy with aggressive, persistent vocals and chugga chugga guitars. Yes, this record proved that isn’t necessary to spread up something different/new whatever: be always true and fresh, you’ll be always right, aren’t you? This is the message and the nature of “Intolerance”; after a long while the band is back with a kicking ass release, giving high strength, heaviness and the fuckin’ will to mosh like hell. Be prepared. For fans of thrash, hardcore and metalcore in the way of Hatebreed, Terror, Pantera and Slayer.
Vote: 10/10