Until September “Of hope and faith” (2013 -Acuity Music-)

Until September “Of hope and faith” (2013 -Acuity Music-)
Brutal, in face, solid and powerful metalcore ith no compromises: mosh ‘till death sounds perfect to describe this record. Brutal breakdowns are followed by ultra deep growling typical of Bleeding Through; down tuned riffs and music full of hatred. The record is based on strong death core guidelines always with and harder approach: the singer is a very good screamer and the whole band has a professional role into switch metalcore, with death, mosh or swedish metal. Well, the songs sound pretty much the same, but this isn’t the point: this is definetly a good product worth to listen, especially for mosher aficionados and brutal modern metalore lovers. Enjoy the stuff, compliments at all.
Vote: 10/10

Until September
Acuity Music