Vanna “Void” (2014 -Pure Noise Records-)

Vanna “Void” (2014 -Pure Noise Records-)
“Void” is a real, strong hard hitting punch in face: the “typical modern metalcore” album that you ever expected. Strong breakdowns, great protest/screaming vocal style for powerful/fast/rough tracks. This is an evolution: Vanna’s style is always there, but there are a few good new elements that keep up a fresh sound. Sliding guitars, in face style, ultra aggressive vocals for a ruining release: the energetic instrumentation, drums like hammers display a new born metalcore with an original trade mark. Well, it doesn’t happen so often to listen out such good stuff like “Void”; this dudes grown into monsters, isn’t a joke. There’s really a lot of good shit: starting from Every Time I Die, Converge ending with Cancer Bats. Break neck and kick ass music, you’re definetly warned, be prepared.
Vote: 9/10

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