Victory Records Signs Save The Lost Boys

Victory Records is pleased to announce the signing of SAVE THE LOST BOYS from Dayton, Ohio. The Buckeye four-piece have been crafting their style of wildly energetic pop-punk since 2013, and today bring you their first video for the single “Overreaction.”  SAVE THE LOST BOYS will release their full length Temptress on July 15th, just as the boys take to the road this summer.

“Signing to Victory feels like joining a family table, like being welcomed home for the holidays,”

attests vocalist Lee Weiss. “Victory started bands that really changed my life, some of our all-time favorites and I’m really excited to be part of this team,” states bassist Josh Hall.

While attending law school, Weiss started the band in the summer of 2013, after the end of his old band Life After Liftoff. Teaming up with bassist Josh Hall, the pair spent countless hours writing, recording and searching for drummers. New Jersey sticksman Brandon Koflowitch heard the call and drove out to try out for the band just as they were to leave for a run on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour. During the tour, the band released an independent EP Sleepless Nights, selling all 1,000 units in just four days. The EP included early versions of the tracks found on their new release Temptress.

Rounded out by guitarist Anthony DiCaro, Weiss continues,

“to be able to play with this group of players and create a new project was exciting, thrilling and a challenge to us that we had to take on!”

Temptress is an emotional rollercoaster,

“full of real life situations and tongue and cheek responses,” the band states. “The record goes from fast punk songs to singalong anthems – these are moments of our lives from our perspective. It’s fast and bitter when it needs to be and can take a step back and be really insightful.”

On the lead-off track “Overreaction,

“Weiss explains it is about “that one girl who you will always love, you will always care and dream about, but in the end she was a toxic nightmare for you, a battle between your heart and your mind.”

In addition to appearances at the Take It Easycore and EZ East Festivals, SAVE THE LOST BOYS will have more tour dates announced very soon.

“We are excited to embark on this journey cannot wait to play shows, meeting new people and hopefully hearing that our music helped others get through some tough times.”

Save The Lost Boys
Victory Records