Vinny Stigma Interview

Walter interviewed the hardcore legend Mr. VINNY STIGMA.
1. Hey guys, how are you? Introduce your band to our readers, please.
Vinny Stigma: vocals, Mike Gallo: bass and vocals, Josh Tilotta: guitar,Luke Rota: drums, Rob Lopez: guitar.

2. Are you Vinny, the Italian angry, dangerous and tattooed guy?
I’m dangerous but not angry

3. How much are tattoos important in your life? Tell us what’s your own favourite tattoo, please.
I’ve been involved in the tattoo industry before christ was born (hahaa). Those kids who are starring on the reality shows started in my mothers kitchen tattooing back in the early eighties. My favorite is the tattoo of a
rose with ‘mom’ in it. Classic Sailor Jerry shit!

4. Why your new album is called “New York Blood”?
Cause I’ve got NY blood flowing through my veins.
This is the title of my movie, which just released and can be ordered on my website. It’s about the streets of a NY City gangster, a gore movie.

5. What’s your opinion about Obama and “Yes we can”? What do you think about politics?
And about what’s happening in Gaza?
We will have to wait and see what he does to better our country. Then I can give you an answer. something needs to change, so only the future can tell. I dont give anyone credit till it is deserved! Politics evolve just
like the world changes from time to time and what goes on in the world. Unfortunately what’s going on in gaza is terrible. These people have been at war for years. hopefully they will come to terms.

6. What’s the message from Stigma to the kids? Are you ready to conquer the scene?
Make a difference. Start a band. Speak your mind. Start a fanzine. Get involved in your scene. And always be yourself. Never follow. Conquer the scene. I thought I did that already and I will continue till the day I die!

7. How was the European Tour? Which city did you like most?
Our european tour was awesome. We did it with our good friends The Business. Rome has to be my favorite city. Of course I’m italian! We went into the coliseum, it was a great experience.

8. How do you see the Hardcore scene in Italy?
I love the scene in Italy. They always show me love.
I love them too….