We Are In The Crowd “Weird Kids” (2014 -Hopeless Records-)

We Are In The Crowd “Weird Kids” (2014 -Hopeless Records-)
Good alternative rock – pop punk of easy listening: but personally “Weird Kids” remind me to Paramore, I guess. WAITC have talent, good songwriting etc., they could have been much more personal, sorry, this is just a break. The music smells of high school, love story, ex boyfriend, with beauty vocals and strong poppy guitars. There’re harmonies and melodies on each track: punk, pop, emotional lightness whatever, this is professional, high-talented music, but only recommended to melodic-pop kids. An impressive, radio-friendly record for fans of Head Automatica, Paramore and Fall Out Boy.
Vote: 7,5/10

We Are In The Crowd
Hopeless Records