We Are The Damned “Doomvirate” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)

We Are The Damned “Doomvirate” (2014 -Lifeforce Records-)
Hailing from Portugal, around since the early 90’s with a DIY philosophy, We Are The Damned play a kind of insane and evil grind-doom-metal. A real storm of brutality fast as hell: ultra deep guttural vocals and immense guitars bring to the whole record a particular trademark. You should be warned that this is high extreme music, killer speed-metal filled with 666 energy at all. Honest, abrasive sound influenced also by crustcore: intensity, dynamism, aggression, austere violence…there aren’t words evil enough to describe this masterpiece. Honestly I’m not into this kind of music but I kindly appreciated this grind core storm because of its own good quality. Pick it up: if you’re into extreme metal music landscapes, well, you’ll not be disappointed!
Vote: 10/10

We Are The Damned
Lifeforce Records