Wolves Scream “Hurricane” (2014 -2K10 Records-)

Wolves Scream “Hurricane” (2014 -2K10 Records-)
Belgium based Wolves Scream put new basics with this amazing ep called “Hurricane”: strong post hardcore with the creeps. Superb vocals and heavy breakdowns spread up granitic guitars bringing an high impact sound; everything’s definetly perfect on “Hurricane”. Once again you get the typical aggression and violence of metalcore combined with brutal melodies and persistent slow down chords. Wolves Scream have found their own formula, keeping things original, fresh and genuine: it’s a total blast. These guys are excellent in precision, technique and style; the production is great, high skills and interesting points with great ideas in the songwriting. Here you go with a huge dose of heavy post-metal-hardcore, support this dudes, move your ass, buy or die!
Vote: 10/10

Wolves Scream
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