Wolves Scream – interview

Interview with Wolves Scream, a post hardcore band based in Belgium.
Strong stuff, energic music, great attitude! Check this out!

1. Hi guys, introduce your band to our readers, please.

Lionel: We are Wolves Scream, a Belgian post-hardcore band based in Belgium. Since the start of the band in 2010, we have recorded two EP’s and we played more than 70 shows in Belgium. The release of our second EP, Hurricane, gave us a better visibility and gave us the opportunity to share the stage with awesome bands such as The Color Morale, Vanna, Our Last Night, Being as an Ocean, Caliban, A Wilhelm Scream, MxPx, and many more.

2. Tell us something about the name “Wolves Scream”: why this choice?
Is there any story about this?

Lionel: There is no terrific story about the name of the band. Each member proposed some names and Wolves Scream was the one we preferred!
Anthony: The truth is there’s a werewolf in the band 😀

3. I’m very impressed about your fresh, brutal and genuine sound: which bands have inspired
your music? What’s hardcore and what’s metal in your music?

Anthony: Definitly i’ll say bands like Architects, While She Sleeps, Northlane, … but for myself i’m most likely into bands like Vanna, Stray From The Path, The Color Morale, …
Lionel: We have very similar musical references, while each having our own musical culture. So we don’t have much problem to agree when creating new songs and each of us also brings his personal touch.


4. How’s going on the alternative/hardcore scene in Belgium? And what about your home area?
Are there good chance to play shows etc.?

Anthony: I’d say that there’s a strong hardcore scene, we know almost each others bands because Belgium is a small country and what is pretty cool is that we try to support bands as much as we can be wearing their merch, buying cd’s, listening to their music, going to shows, talking about on social medias, … supporting our locals is one of our priority! I truely believe that all of these little things are essence of hardcore and that’s one of the reasons that makes this scene strong and exciting. In our home area there’s not that much hardcore bands it’s most likely close to none and i can tell you that there’s not that much hardcore bands in Wallonia (south of the country) the fact is that over here kids are more into rap, electro, pop, … but in Flanders (north) there’s tons of hardcore bands and some of them have a huge potential! We try to make it as much as we can to the north of our country because we feel closer in many cases… Anyway our actual booker is Flamish and we really enjoy this. We are really proud and happy to work with him and Apathy Bookings! Sure there’s a lot of great venues of different sizes and styles but once again in Flanders they have the greatest spots. I think that generaly citizens over there are more involved and feel more concerned about cultural stuff in any kind of field.

5. Did you ever play any cover song? Do you like this kind of stuff?
Anthony: Yes, we played one long time ago. We covered Paparazi from Lady Gaga. This song was created with the first line up of the band! We talked about doing a new cover but we didn’t find the song we wanted to yet and to be honest curently we don’t really want to waste time on this. We really want to release our first album as soon as we can!
Lionel: We actually started the band with this cover. This allowed to emerge with a new style compared to our old project. This song had a small success especially in live. Almost people knew the original, so there was often the ambience at the time of the set. But as Antho said,we didn’t waste time in this and we prefer to focus on the album.


6. Do you guys have any important plan for the upcoming future?
Anthony: We are curently into exciting stuff. It’s a week full of great news you have no idea!!!
First of all we have been selected by a professional jury to be part of the Redbull Bedroom Jam in Belgium. This means that we’ll be followed by professionals of the music industry for a whole year. We’ve already record a live session for them, we’ll have some shows, workshops, and so many other great things! Also we’ve been into a contest to play on the Macbeth Stage at the Groezrock Festival on May 1st and since few days we know that we made it and we’ll be rocking the stage over there. So the fact is that we are at the moment into great plans!
Lionel: This week was really full of good news! We can’t believe what happens to us! Groezrock? Do you realize? This is a childhood dream for us! We would also like to get out of Belgium and can play our music in other countries. The desire to tour starts itching us. Moreoverthere are several proposals booking agency for Europe. It would be really awesome!

7. Thanks a lot for your time, any last word guys?
Anthony: Thanks a lot for the interview man! Really appreciate your devotion. You should check out the belgian scene i’m sure you’ll find some great bands that you’d like. Check this compilation made by our friends in My Aim you’ll find top hardcore bands from Belgium https://shapeshiftermusicfoundations.bandcamp.com/releases
Thank you for taking your time for this interview, really appreciate!

Wolves Scream