WOVENWAR lands on worldwide charts for new album, ‘Honor Is Dead’!


WOVENWAR lands on worldwide charts for new album, ‘Honor Is Dead’!

After recently releasing their sophomore effort, ‘Honor Is Dead‘, WOVENWAR has now landed on the worldwide charts for the album! See below for positions by territory:

#76 Top 200
#9 Hard Music Charts
#44 Digital Music Charts


#7 Billboard Current Hard Music Albums
#15 Billboard Independent Current Albums
#27 Billboard Current Rock Albums
#40 Billboard Current Digital Albums
#41 Billboard Digital Albums
#63 Billboard Top Current Albums

To preview and purchase ‘Honor Is Dead‘, please visit: metalblade.com/wovenwar

More aggressive and fluid than its self-titled predecessor, ‘Honor Is Dead‘ was written with contributions from all members, while the music for ‘Wovenwar‘ was mostly written before vocalist Shane Blay joined the band. The results speak for themselves, capturing a group that sounds truly unified, and hungry. Expanding upon the ruthlessly catchy melodies and hooks of their debut, ‘Honor Is Dead‘ makes for a listening experience with real depth, and a broad emotional range. Driven by a darker lyrical theme, the album’s 11 tracks hit with devastating force!