Yellowcard Interview

The Florida based Yellowcard are pumping new blood with “When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes”. The blend of pop-punk/pop-rock is always supreme making sound the whole music perfectly. Check it out!

1. How did you come with the idea of recording an acoustic version of
“When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes”?

We have always performed and recorded our music in an acoustic setting. After recording WYTTSY we were working on a couple of acoustic versions of the songs to use as b-sides and came up with the idea to produce the entire record acoustically. With the support of our label, Hopeless Records we were able to put together a record we are so proud of. We produced it ourselves and Ryan Mendez mixed the album. We really put our hearts into it.

2. Were you comfortable recording, producing and mixing everything on your own? Any difficulties?
Ryan and I have gotten very comfortable working on our own in the studio. So this was just an excited opportunity to show another side of what we can do.

3. What about an acoustic “best of”?
I definitely think this has opened the door to do more things like it in the future. That sounds like a great idea to me.

4. “When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes (Acoustic)” sounds more mature than your previous works. Maybe this will be the next step in your career, I mean get new audience changing your sounds?
We always want to be maturing and evolving as a band and in our songwriting. However we never want to force that evolution. We try not to plan what the ‘next step’ creatively will be for us and just let it happen naturally.

5. After re-released your catalogue, recording this acoustic album, what’s next?
We are in pre-production right now for our next full length album which we hope to release in the fall of this year. So far we are all extremely happy with the new material.

6. You had the chance to play in Italy several times.
Do you have any tales or memories of our country?

Just this past year we had one of the most amazing yet challenging shows of our career. We sold out a venue in Ravenna and the energy in the room was really something special. What made the show so incredible though is that it was, as far as we can tell, the hottest show we’ve ever played. We all, fans and band together, really had to fight to the finish. People were passing out left and right. But through the unbearable heat, the fans were still singing every word and that pulled us through. We can’t wait to come back to Italy. Maybe this time we could play a venue with some A/C though. That would be nice.


Andrea “Teskio” Paoli