Your Demise Interview

Walter interviews Your Demise, metalcore in face, no compromises, just today’s energic music!

1. Hi guys, What’s Your Demise all about?
Hey dude! Hope you guys are well. Your Demise is basically about making music we love, and taking it as far as it can go, which we feel is no limits. Working hard, pushing ourselves to the limits.

2. What bands have inspired your music?
There is such a wide spectrum of inflences, Of course there will always be bands scuh as Madball, Comeback Kid, Terror, Biohazard, to name a few but as 5 individuals in the bands, our tastes are very very broad. I love alot of older music, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Led zepplin. George is heavily into Drum and Bass. Tailbee from what i gather loves pop music ha ha!! Are you guys definetly a metalcore band? – I have never really got the term Metalcore, it sounds so lame ha ha. i would say we are more a Hardcore band, but we don t have a more metallic sound. I just put it down to that we are Your Demise!

3. Do you think this is your definite style now?
Your Demise is and always will be our style!

4. Let’s talk about “Ignorance never dies”, a powerful release, compliments, one of the best underground metal hardcore album of the moment. Tell us about how it was in the recording studio etc.
Firstly , thank you for the kind words. This Album was actually the first time we have all been so content and comfortable with the recording process, The guys at Outhouse Studios, where the album was recorded, made us feel and see our vision of how we wanted it to sound from the start, they just got us as people and as a band. awesome place. Recording and playing live are so close but so far apart. There is nothing like hearing a finished song you have just slaved over the past month, cranked on a system.

5. What have you learned during the production of “Ignorance never dies”?
I guess we have learned that most of all you have to write the music you want to hear, you have to be comfortable with it or it just wont work. Recording can at times be very stressfull, but as long you are in it for the right reasons, you can make the best music for you!

6. What is your strategy to stand out from metalcore bands all around?
Not be a metalcore band ha ha, great songs with good hooks, awesome live show, and i think for me personally to be as humble as you can, you should never ever get a big head, there is far to many bands around doing that!

7. What’s the best part to be on tour? And the worst? Any stupid thing?
Being on tour for me is what makes it worth it. Going to different places around the world, playing to new people, people who dont speak the same language but yet still no every word of your songs, its mindblowing! iI love touring so there is not many bad things. Missing my girlfriend sucks big time! I would go into the whole Belgium thing ha ha, but there is not much to say other than we were very very silly, but it all ended up good.

8. What do you do out of the band?
My man ‘job’ is guitar, but general things too, Merch , and so on, it takes up a lot of time being in a band ha ha.

9. Ok guys, thanks a lot for your time, you rulez, take care!
– Thank you so much bro, pleasure, check out Dead Swans and More than Life!!!!

Your Demise