Zebrahead “Call your friends” (2013 -Rude Records-)

Zebrahead “Call your friends” (2013 -Rude Records-) ZEBRAHEAD are back and their just as fun as ever! Songs about girl’s underwear, parties, drinking, friends, shitty ex-girlfriends and girls in general are here to stay! ‘Call Your Friends’ is their tenth album and the band shows no signs of slowing down; or growing up for that matter. Kicking off the album is the pop-punk infused track ‘Sirens’. With the signature rapping of Ali Tabatabaee and melody line from Matty Lewis the track is a standout and will be sure to get crowds moving and singing along to it on their next tour. The songs following are all ZEBRAHEAD like we know. Blunt and honest lyrics over pop-punky riffs with some raps thrown in there for good measure. And of course, the gang vocals feature! Title track and lead single ‘Call Your Friends’ is another cherry on this cake of an album. A pop-punk/rap song about partying and getting drunk at 8 A.M; what could be better?! The rest of the album is a lot like the previous songs, which of course can get tiring and a little boring. But because the songs are already catchy, energetic and humorous you can forgive the album slightly. You might notice this with a lot of ZEBRAHEAD’S albums, which brings this review to another point. The band has written a lot of the same songs, using riffs and beats you’ve probably heard before. At fourteen songs the album is actually quite long but there are enough treasures in here to stick around if you start getting bored (‘Nerd Armor’, ‘Until the Sun Comes Up’). With all that aside, the album is one of the most fun-loving and a just plain cool albums of the year. But to be brutally honest the band would be better off writing a record with maybe ten or eleven songs? Keep it short and sweet in other words. One last song that needs a special mention is ‘Born to Lose’. Mixing that ZEBRAHEAD funk/hip hop influence with some class-A pop-punk with the likes of early SIMPLE PLAN and BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME makes for a great song that will definitely be played live. This ‘party-rock ‘album is a great addition to the bands catalogue. Apart from getting a bit repetitive, the album is sure to bring a smile to your face and have you singing the words to your favourites in no time.
Vote: 7/10

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