Zebrahead “Get nice!” (2011 -Side One Dummy/Rude Records-)

Zebrahead “Get nice!” (2011 -Side One Dummy/Rude Records-)
You know, bands from Orange County, California, never change or disappoint their fans. Even if they try to seek their fortune in Japan or play the same shit for almost fifteen years. All they have to do is play loud and faster. Zebrahead are doin’ their business as usual, mixing some good ”ol punk rock with some pop, funk and rap(!). Produced by Jason Freese and Andy Carpenter, Get Nice! it’s Zebrahead album number eight… Or seven… Or six… I doesn’t matter, ‘cause our crossover pioneers still sound the same after all this time. They haven’t forgotten their love for strong riffs, chorus and plastic punk pop songs that made them so famous during the years 2000. The best moments are Nothing to lose, Ricky Bobby, The joke’s on you, Nudist Priest, and I’m definitly not gonna to miss you. In my personal opinion, maybe it’s time to turn the page, or change the formula, ‘cause it’s going to be boring. Sorry, no more Mr. Nice guy, dudes!
Andrea “Teskio” Paoli
Vote: 4/10

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